Special Occassions

Experience a sensational selection of exquisite cheeses and succulent meats that will take your party to soaring heights of success. To order your exceptional cheese and/or meat platter, reach us effortlessly at 320-468-6616.

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Meat & Cheese Trays

Are you preparing for that special event, holiday, or birthday? Give us a call to check out our great prices on deli meats, cheeses, and salads. We prepare meat trays, cheese trays, or meat and cheese trays for parties, weddings, company parties, or for just entertaining family and friends. All you do is call us with how many people you will be feeding at your event and we prepare a custom order that will feed everyone.

We have a full selection of delicious cheeses available that will make your party a success. To get your cheese platter ordered give us a call at 320-468-6616.