Meat Processing

We are a comprehensive meat market situated in Pierz, Minnesota, dedicated to providing exceptional service. Count on us to procure those elusive items you've been searching for. Our discounts on bulk orders are unmatched, and we complement them with unparalleled expertise that you won't find at large retail chains. Rest assured, we are committed to going above and beyond to ensure your utmost satisfaction with every meat purchase.

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Beef & Pork Cutting

We accept quartered beef and pigs for cutting and wrapping. We can also further process the meat by making sausage or smoking hams and bacon.

Sausage Supplies

We carry a full-line of fine quality casings, seasonings, and other ingredients to ensure the best finished sausage. We buy in bulk to save you money. We also offer great advice and experience to help you with every step.

Custom Meat Smoking

Bring in your cleaned fish, poultry, hams, bacon or sausage and we'll take care of the rest. Our old fashioned smokehouse produces a flavor that can't be beat and has been proven generation after generation.

We are capable of smoking the following items:

  • Fish
  • Turkey
  • Chicken
  • Pheasant
  • Ribs
  • Pork Hams & Bellies

Game Processing

We process all types of wild game including elk, antelope, venison, and bear. We can process your whole animal or trimmings into great tasting home smoked sausage and jerky. We use only the best quality ingredients. Come and see why people travel hundreds of miles to have us process their wild game into tasty treats.

We offer fast turnaround, great prices and use only the best quality ingredients. Also see us for sausage making supplies, seasoning, casings, and pork; all with great prices and advice to help make sure your venison turns out delicious! We also offer grinding and smoking services to assist you with your sausage making.

2023 Deer processing Rates

*Deer not properly dressed and cleaned will not be accepted*

Our wild game processing rates include cutting and wrapping of fresh cuts.
All cutting and wrapping charges must be paid for at the time of drop off.

  • Deer - Fawn: $115
  • Deer - Medium-Larger: $145
  • Unclean Cavity: $7.50 extra.
  • Skinning - $25
  • Caping Deer Heads: $60
  • Wild Game (Buffalo, Elk, Bear) - $1.25 cents/lb

Note: There will be extra charges for deer that are excessively dirty and for sausage trimmings brought in that are not cleaned.

We recommend venison trimmings be stored only in clear plastic bags. Please do not use garbage bags!

Note: Extra charges will apply for deer and sausage not picked up within 2 weeks of the drop-off date.

2023 Venison Sausage Making Rates

- All prices include pork -

  • Country and Polish Sausage (1/3 Pork) - $3.39/lb
  • Country or Polish Sausage with additional pork (1/2 & 1/2) - $3.99/lb
  • Summer Sausage - $3.39/lb
  • Wieners and Ring Bologna (1/3 pork) - $4.29/lb
  • Bulk Sausage (1# packages) - $3.19/lb
  • Fresh Breakfast Links (small casing, wrapped) - $3.89/lb
  • Dried Venison (from rounds only - includes curing, smoking, slicing) - $4.49/lb
  • Venison Sticks (includes 20% beef) - $4.49/lb
  • Jerky (sliced from rounds or loins) - $5.59/lb
  • Venison Bacon (sliced and packaged) (not made in Nov.) - $4.99
  • Burger over 25 lbs, (grind and wrapped) - $0.89
  • Burger under 25 lbs, (grind and wrapped) - $0.99

Prices are charged on the amount of product made, not the amount of meat brought in.

*Special Sausage Notes*

  • Not made during November
  • Larger batch weight required
  • Pepper Jack, Cheddar, Wild Rice, Brown Sugar, Garlic or
    we will use your recipe (add .85 cents/lb)